Kastamonu Entegre Continues Strong Growth Momentum

Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises study ranked Kastamonu Entegre as the country’s 40th largest industrial enterprise.

Kastamonu Entegre forges ahead to the top of the ISO 500 list, increasing its net sales to 2.79 billion Turkish lira with a 25-percent rise year-on-year, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce report cites.

Kastamonu Entegre, one of Hayat Holding’s two large multinational companies, continues to grow in the wood- based panel industry with product sales rising in 2017. The company remains on course to becoming a global player with a strong international standing. It also enjoys leader- ship in the domestic market and export operations, posting 2.79 billion Turkish lira of net sales and ranking number 40 in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce’s list of Turkey’s top industrial enterprises.

Kastamonu Entegre CEO Haluk Yıldız emphasized that the company exports to nearly 100 countries from its domestic and overseas facilities. He said the company closed 2017 with a 13- percent YoY growth and $1.2 billion in consolidat- ed revenues. He added that, at the beginning of 2018, the company increased its projections for exporting and plans to earn 50 percent of its revenue from operations outside of Turkey. “Last year we completed successful operations as Turkey’s manufacturing powerhouse and the industry’s leader. We worked hand in hand to break down stereotypes using our years of accumulated experience, know-how, courage and foresight. Working together, we have forged a

brand-new spirit as an industry pioneer. Our lucrative product sales have propelled us to number 40 in the ISO 500 list. Last year, our net sales, which was generated from production at Turkish facilities, climbed to 2.79 billion Turkish lira with a 25-percent YoY growth. We leaped 16 places to number 97, improving from the 113th position last year which we accomplished by achieving exports worth $129.94 million, with a 27-percent increase from our Turkish facilities. We will continue to add value to the econ- omy by expanding our export volume in 2018,” he remarked.

Yıldız cited the company’s ascent in the ISO 500 ranking thanks to strategic investments in 2017 and market expan- sion operations. “We are boosting global brand awareness by participating in national and international exhibitions, conferences, meetings and summits. We’re also identifying needs and solutions by keeping up with industry develop- ments.We are determined to pursue these operations and maintain our upward momentum among Turkey’s leading industrial enterprises,” Yıldız spoke.