Hüseyin Tosunoğlu, chairman of the board of directors of Bürotime says:

Bürotime believes that the balance between business and life can be established with sustainable thinking

Can you tell us about Bürotime? The story of foundation, the production facilities and the area of production?

We founded the company in 1994 with my two brothers and started production in 6500 sqm area in Konya Organised Industrial Zone. In the following years, we decided to specialize in the field of office furniture and in 2000 entered into the process of institutionalization with the aim of taking an adven- ture to be crowned by awards for many years in the sector. Aimed at being a global brand and introducing Turkish aes- thetics, elegance and stance to the other countries, Bürotime expanded the factory into a production facility of 140.000 sqm in no time and now has a daily production volume of 1250 pieces of furniture and 750 armchairs. Doing its first sales abroad in 2002, Bürotime became a brand that exports to all four corners of the world through its more than 150 sales points in 50 countries in domestic and foreign markets. Having decided to apply its domestic concept showroom model also in foreign countries, the company continues to steer the sector by transforming the points of sale into a franchise model that sells only its own products.


Having joined in the Turquality program in order to be more powerful abroad, Bürotime does non-stop investments every year in that framework in order to increase its local and foreign market share. Being the first office furniture producer that applied to GREENGUARD Environmental Institute in 2014 and was awarded GREENGUARD Gold cer- tificate in armchair and furniture product group in Turkey, Bürotime takes justified pride in its position as the preferred brand in projects with green building certificate such as LEED and BREEAM. Bürotime has been awarded the most prestigious global design awards including Red Dot, iF Design Award.

Apart from office furniture, what type of work is Bürotime engaged in, what domestic or foreign projects has it been involved in?

We have been designing office furniture with Burotime brand after we decided to specialize in office furniture shortly after our establishment and accelerated with com- pletion of the institutionalization process in year 2000. Today, when the work culture evolves from desk to social spaces to human-centered design, communication among employees, changing trends and innovations in technolog- ical developments are shaped and developed in parallel with this concept. Since the first days of its production adventure, our brand had always been offering functional and permanent solutions to the users with its plain design and now we have consolidated our product group under the concept of “Elements” to meet different needs and requests in consideration of various scenarios of using the working area. The concept that was designed under the titles of ‘Solo’, ‘Social’, ‘Teamwork’ and ‘Meeting’ with the purpose of making the user feel comfortable in the work setting and have a feeling of belonging offers the opportunity to create the customizable working areas of our dreams using prod- uct varieties that can meet different needs.


Bürotime is a brand that exports to all four corners of the world through its more than 150 sales points in 50 countries in domestic and foreign markets. This position helped the company to complete many important projects both inside and outside the country. Dragos Campus of İstanbul Şehir University ended up as an exemplary project where the lec- ture halls, dormitory rooms, library and social areas were equipped with products designed primarily for making the students more concentrated and comfortable. As for the projects abroad, we worked with Nestle, Uber, Pirelli, Qatar Airways in Egypt; KFC, Nation Media Group in Kenya; Siemens in Saudi Arabia; UNICEF in Somali; Coca Cola in Tajikistan.


What is the design concept of Bürotime, which designers do you work with? Which designs will be exhibited in Orgatec this year? Does Bürotime attend any other international fairs?

Bürotime believes that the balance between business and life can be established through sustainable thinking. The designs are shaped by taking into consideration the various scenarios of office use and build- ing the design strategy around human-oriented product alternatives that increase the quality of life and protect the ecosystem.

Working in collaboration with designers such as Defne Koz, Ece Yalım, Oğuz Yalım who have created their brands in design, Bürotime has a team of communication and design who are from within the world of business, are aware of the needs of modern times and are keen on doing research. The young and dynamic team combined with the iden- tity of a company which has years of experience in the sector and a deep knowledge of details leads to valuable and long lasting designs. While Bürotime design team designs the products so that the different daily needs and expectations of working people are met and the various scenarios of office use are fulfilled, coordination is established with the 60 personnel in the R&D department in order to consider all factors that effect human body, from the colors to the finest details.

Bürotime product groups are being shaped and developed every year with innovative and modern products that meet the needs of working environments. Planning to participate in the Orgatec Fair for the 10th time this year with its flexible and functional sector solutions that lead to savings in the long run in line with strategic goals, Bürotime will offer the visitors its new product groups in which office furniture is combined with technology in adaptation to the changing culture of work.

The company attends to important foreign fairs in countries where it has franchise shops and was recently in the Mostar Economy Fair in Bosnia Herzegovina where it was granted the “The Best Performance” award.