AGT Gives Special Tips for Those Who Want to Renew Their Living Spaces

Flooring Block Can Make All the Difference

Laminate flooring, one of the vital components of designing living spaces, is a stylish and sturdy flooring product, used in almost every home.

Laminate floors are produced from high-density fiberboard, making a difference in the living spaces with their rich textures and colors. Laminate floorings can make small and narrow spaces look more spacious and creates a retro, modern or classic aesthetic with their different textures and colors.

Take Inspiration from the Past

The world of decoration takes inspiration from the past just like the world of fashion. Wood flooring is also key to creating retro living spaces. A distressed floor and earth tones in flooring will add a retro feel to spaces. You can keep up with this trend by going for the Ravello model in the AGT Natura Slim & Large series Scandinavian style is quite popular these days. In order to create a Scandinavian look, reflecting on the 60s and 70s, you may prefer colorful flooring with geometrical patterns and recurring textures. Make sure the space is not clut- tered with too much furniture and dominated by dark col- ors. This will give a minimal and elegant look to the space, avoiding a cluttered look. For this concept, you can use Grey Oak parquet in the AGT Natura Flooring series.

The Warmth of Wood

The color and texture of wood flooring brings out a natu- ral, warm and comfortable feeling. This year’s flooring trends are natural textures with real wood feeling, light colors, and matte and grooved as well as synchronized surfaces. The newest members of AGT Flooring collection, Natura Slim and Large series, which reflect the natural- ness of the wood with its synchronized surface texture, takes inspiration from the world’s famous forests. You can use natural surfaces and light-colored flooring for long years. This gives you the opportunity to be bolder in your furniture and accessory choices.

Sturdy and ModernIf you would like to have a more minimalist and modern aesthetic, you can choose a flooring with a wood surface, but dominated by shades of white. These flooring series that go great with small spaces, work perfectly with shades of gray, yellow, and green. Such flooring will perfectly com- plement your wood furniture or tables, coffee tables, and chairs with metal or marble details, giving you the plain look you wish to create. You can create this feeling of free- dom with Concept, one of the series of AGT Flooring collec- tion with colors inspired by the centre of fashion, Milan.Tips for the Right Choice• Always go for light-colored flooring for small and narrow spaces. For spaces with heavy foot traffic, you can choose dense-textured flooring in mid-tones, without going too dark.• Visualize the tones you will use in the space before choosing the flooring. Try thinking of them as a whole, and take inspiration from the furniture, curtains and accessories.• In heavily used spaces, select a 10-mm thick flooring for ultimate durability.• Combine different dimensions together to create an inno- vative space. For this you can use AGT Natura Slim or Large series in the same pattern.