Furniture Subsidiary Industries and Wood Processing Machines Exhibition on 25th-28th January, 2019

Algeria is the Center of North Africa

Algeria is the powerhouse of North Africa with its modern ports, mines, industrialization movements,   investments in construction.Algeria, which has a free trade agreement with 11 African countries, is the commercial center of these countries.

Also Algeria has been a member of the Arab Countries Free Zone since 2010. It is possible to trade in countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania and Mali by making base in Algeria.In recent years, the incentives and infrastructure investments that the Algerian government has developed to improve the country’s industry have started a serious transformation in the country.​

Algeria attracts exporters

Algeria, which has annual exports of around $ 70 billion, accounts for more than 95 percent of its oil products.The annual importation of the country is about 60 billion dollars.The main import headings are machinery, electronic devices, iron and steel and plastic products, machinery components and subsidiary industries.With a population of approximately 41.5 million, Algeria is a country that has an average of 10 billion dollars in foreign trade for a long time.

Algeria, which plans to invest $ 286 billion in infrastructure under the 3rd Development Plan enacted in May of 2010, has experienced a considerable part of them today

The recent decline in oil prices has affected Algeria as well as all oil producing countries. Nevertheless, the construction of mass housing constructions, intercity railway projects, inner rail transportation projects, dams, hotels and various public buildings are continuing in cities such as Constantine, Oran,  Anaba and Setif, especially in the capital Algeria. The total estimated value of these projects is around $ 6 billion.

New incentives for investors

​Over the past year, the Algerian government has banned the import of finished products to improve the country’s industry. This policy aims to improve production in the country. There is serious support for the capital to invest in the country. The woodworking, furniture production and all subsidiary industries will revive rapidly in Algeria. The growth of the construction industry and the proliferation of new constructions will magnify furniture demand and manufacturing industry

When we take these developments into consideration, companies producing subsidiary industries, machinery and equipment expect a considerable potential in Algeria.

In parallel to all these developments, Woodex Alger Trading is a great opportunity for companies that want to benefit from this important market.
Exhibitor Profile

Wood Accessories

​Wood Processing Machines

Cutting Tools

Hand Tools

Furniture Side Industry

Furniture Accessories

Upholstery Fabrics and leather

Furniture Systems

Adhesives and Paint-

Varnish Products

Door and Door Subsidiary

Industry Products

​Interior Decoration Products

Woodworking Machines and Equipments

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