Bürotime At Orgatec 2018

Bürotime believes in the idea that a balance between business and life is maintained through the idea of sustainability, and therefore it develops designs that can address the various daily needs and expectations of employees while taking into consideration several different office utilization scenarios.

Materializing its innovative products by taking into consideration elements of human, environment and design, Bürotime, along with its employees, solutions partners and dealers, achieves customer satisfaction by offering products and services that reinforce sustainability, and with universal quality and standards. 

The leader manufacturer focuses on the concepts of innovation and R&D in all applications throughout production processes towards achieving its goal of becoming a global brand; and it aims at being prominent in both domestic and foreign markets with its award-winning designs that drive the industry. 

With the awareness that employees have particular basic needs, such as safety, belonging, team spirit, sense of alliance, and producing value for a purpose, it believes that a workspace must be designed in a way that is capable of addressing all these necessities. In that sense, it aims at contributing to employees’ level of performance and productivity by increasing spatial quality and functionality in its office designs.

From this point of view Bürotime, offering functional and durable solutions to users with its simple sense of design from the very first day starting the production adventure, has designed the Era family product providing superior efficiency in operational groups, Note for transparent workspace with its original sense of design in meeting units, Hexa for comfortable session and naive line at waiting units, Set for opportunity to work by standing in office whit its ergo-dynamic design will be exhibited for Orgatec 2018. Besides, the visitors will have the opportunity to have a close look the first time at Pick, Foldit, Bliss models. Bürotime will host its visitors in Hall 8, stand no. A010 B011 in the fair.