Success Is Not a Coincidence

IŞIK AHŞAP, provides last-technology equipped service in the Gaziantep industrial estate at their modern facilities in accordance with the latest technological developments and with their ameliorated quality administrative systems that reflects our modern era and their stance very successfully by being one of the leader firms. Our sales consists of being 60% domestic and 40% export with 700 deal networks to 60 countries.

With their experienced engineers and production crew they give produce support to the sales and the after sales process of laminate hardwood, melamine panels, high gloss and matte PVC-PET covered panel, acrylic panel, panel lid, profile, baseboard and products like paneling. Our firm that reached to 2.5 million annual production capacity in H.Gloss and acyrilic panel continues with the investments.

We are renovating ourselves to provide faster and more qualified service to our dear customes, in our high gloss panel line we have renovated our automation line in collaboration with Unimak and augmented our capacities of production.


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