Plaquets Were Given At the Annual Portakal Wood End Of the Year Event

Every year, Portakal Wood hosts a moral dinner at the Ramada Plaza for their workers and friends. There was more than fun events and fine dining at the event. Since it’s establishment, the firm has an amicable relationship between both it’s retirees and their wrokers. This year’s program was slightly different then the previous ones.

Before the dinner and regale began, teaching specialist Alattin Yarıcı questions the behavioral evolutions in community relations under different circumstances and the manners that the individual has under a dominant consciousness as a social individual.

Common behaviors that become unconscious habits by everyone without questioning is explained with subjects. The slight that explained the verbal transmission progress demonstrated the changes within the first five verbal transmissions were changed by 60% but turned into total disinterested formats in the last experimental subject was a successful presentation. This was an important demonstration that underlined the importance and differences between written knowledge transport next to salt experimental transmission.  Workers, maybe for the first time, practically were able to see how knowledge and education makes such big differences in life in this applied seminar. After the one-hour presentation, co-founders of Portakal Wood, Arif and Mahmut Arıgün made speeches to mark the importance and meaning of the day by thanking and distributing fidelity plackets to their co-workers.


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