İçten Metal is a 75 years-old, 3rd generation family company.

Ayhan İçten, head of the board of directors of İçten Metals, gave us important informations about the works of his company.

Ayhan İçten: İçten Metals was founded by our father Şefik İçten in 1944. Continued its service as a collective company in 1977, later as a limited company in 1982. Since 1970, our firm mainly makes the sub-industry of white and brown objects for the big groups of Turkey next to making different manufactures for the furniture industry. We make metal pieces like drawer rays, shelf brackets, foldable consoles, minifixes for nearly twenty years.

We constantly  attend to international fairs and we have reached the 10% of our endorsement in exportation. There are approximately 40 people working for the furniture accessiories and the panel radiator departments.

Our investments are continued. We give importance to automation by using machines, new kits, roll-forms… We alwas aimed to make the most amount of profit?? with the minimum amount of effort. İnternational market and export is as important to us as the domestic market. One of our primary goals in our investments is to be able to answer all of the annual ever-growing demands.

We are targeting constant exportation growth. We have trust in our quality and want to introduce our brand Flore on better in the international market that we made great efforts on. In the light of the positive reactions that we have encountered when we have attended to the foreign fairs  show us that we are on the right track. We now carry its glory in overseas.

We also have two fully automatic roboted, very-advanced painting facilities. We have a 40 m long convoyer line that goes 3.5 meters by minute. Our machine line is extremely powerful. Actually an infrastructure bigger than the capacity is available and ready. The molds are made by us; our molding room, press room, welding room, plastic production rooms, repair-shop and painting room are all latest-technology maximum capacity production facilities.


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