Ekin Publishing Group’s Stand is the Meeting Point of the Sector

The collaboration between Ekin Publishing Group and Tüyap- Reed Fair Company continues as a healthy and long relationship with the same mutual sense of responsibility since its beginning.

Started with the word of dear İlhan Ersözlü in the 90’s, this relationship continued with Bülent Ünal and the executive president of TÜYAP our dear friend which we have lost recently Serdar Yalçın, Hakan Mürgül and with Ediz Tok. Mr. Ali Muharremoğlu also joined us  with Reed Fair Company. Every year with our beautiful stand; we host our friends, academists from the editorial board and our own the International Association of Furniture Publishing IAFP and publishers that are members of the FSM. In other words, Ekin Publishing Group Mobilya Dergisi stand is the meeting point for the international guests. Our friends lend us their stuff and their bags, walk around the fair then take a break here when they are tired. This has been going on for years and years.


This year, not only our friends but the customers of the stands that we have visited previously have also re-visited us. Another important event in the fair was our annual Tüyap Fuar Aktüel paper that we print 20 thousand copies of. This paper was a very important medium for the guests and for the prestige of our fair. Important informations about the whereabouts of the firms were shared and was distributed from the 7 different main entrances to our guests.